Learning the piano/keyboard

The desire to create music is a natural urge and for many the piano is an obvious choice of instrument. Capable of producing beautiful sounds, it fits across virtually all genres. Producing delicate, single-note melody lines or rich, polyphonic textures, it can be enjoyed alone as a solo instrument, or socially in a group. Playing the piano also develops good posture and manual dexterity - and combined with the theraputic, stress-relieving effects of producing music, this can lead to a general feeling of well-being. Some researchers believe that children who learn piano excel generally in academic performance. And, certainly, for more advanced students, ABSRM grades 6, 7 and 8 can contribute to UCAS points.

My teaching approach

I typically teach children a half hour lesson each week and adults an hour lesson once a fortnight. Experience has shown that this provides a good balance of time during lessons to review progress and learn new material/techniques - and time between lessons for the student to practise!

For all ages, I like to keep lessons dynamic by introducing a few new things each lesson while maintaining a pace the student is comfortable with. I can and am happy to tailor lessons to each individual. Where a student has a specific interest - eg popular classics, or music from films or musicals - I encourage them to bring their own books. Alternatively I can recommend material which I have found to develop good and thorough technique. Often a combination of 'technique' books and more recreational repertoire proves most popular.

I teach on a Yamaha digital stage piano which, to even the most experienced player, feels and sounds virtually identical to an acoustic piano. There's no additional 'learning curve' for the student who wishes to perform on an acoustic piano. In fact, many students have a digital instrument of their own and enjoy its benefits (never needs tuning, portability, 'silent' practise through headphones to name a few). I have excellent knowledge of digital instruments and can happily guide the novice to making a suitable purchase.

Availability and fees

I am flexible to teach mornings, afternoons or evenings on weekdays. Occasionally I have some availability at weekends and am happy to discuss your requirements. I charge £30 for an hour, or £16 for half an hour. For adults, I'm flexible to make arrangements on a per-lesson basis, booking the next one at the end of a current lesson. For children I recognise it can often be more convenient to have a regular, weekly slot and I am happy to arrange this. If a cancellation is required, I just need an email or a phone call, following which I can rearrange the lesson. Cancellations with more than 24 hours' notice are free of charge. Cancellations within 24 hours incur the full lesson fee which can be paid at the next lesson.

Ready to start? Please contact me to organise your first lesson!

In addition to instrumental teaching, I also have experience providing coaching for music theory exams. I am also available for instruction and consultation in professional audio recording and techniques. If this is of interest to you, please don't hesitate to contact me.